Epsilon Nu Tau

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History of the Alpha Chapter

In early 2008, a group of eight undergraduate students from the University of Dayton set out to bring entrepreneurial brotherhood to the collegiate level.  The founding fathers wanted to create a network of entrepreneurs that would be connected by the ideals of brotherhood and would live by the four ideals of the fraternity.  Later that year on April 18, 2008, Epsilon Nu Tau, the Nation’s First Entrepreneurship Fraternity was established.  ENT is based upon a professional and entrepreneurial mindset, with fellowship and community as its backbone.

Chapter Events
Alumni Weekend
The Alpha Chapter has recently implemented a reunion weekend.  Our entire chapter works together to ensure we plan a fun-filled weekend while still learning from each other.  Typically we have ENT alumni speak about their experience during college and how they have kept their entrepreneurial spirit after they have graduated.  It is a great way for our current brothers to network and learn from our alumni.
Professional Events

Every month we hold at least one professional event.  Examples include touring a company, skyping with an entrepreneur, or having someone come and speak to us during our weekly chapter.  Within the past year, the Alpha Chapter has been lucky enough to have many great entrepreneurs speak with our brothers.  We have had so many great business owners give advice to our brothers who are in the process of creating their own start-up.

Social Events

Brother bonding is extremely important for the Alpha Chapter.  We have 60+ members and continue to grow rapidly.  Our brothers have many different ways of getting to know each other, but one of our favorite activities is intramurals.  ENT always tries our hardest to compete for the gold. It is a great way to bring our brothers together, and we love when new members come out to play with us!

Service Events

Because we have such a large chapter, we have more than 60 brothers who are constantly giving back to the community.  Our brothers have many causes they are passionate about, and we are able to come together to support each other.  Last fall, we held our first Donut Dash 5k to raise money for charity.  It was a huge success both in raising funds and developing spirit!

New Member Process

The New Member Process is an eight to ten week process that helps prepare the new members for brotherhood.  It consists of many brother bonding activities, two quizzes, meeting with brothers, and weekly meetings.  During our meetings, we help new members with their resumes, LinkedIn pages, professional attire, and anything else they might need to help them succeed in the future.

One of the great things about our new member process is how we get our new members involved right away.  At their first meeting, we nominate people to run for chair positions.

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