The Center for Portfolio Management was formally founded in the Fall of 1999 by Dr. David Sauer, Dean Sam Gould, Inaugural Manager Adam Molina, and the University of Dayton Administration with a one million dollar grant from the University of Dayton's Endowment. There were originally 27 additional members of the “Core” team that launched the Center and laid the foundation for years to come. These individuals, along with Dr. Sauer, created the backbone of the Center during the 1998-1999 academic year to prepare for the grand opening in the Fall of 1999. The policies, procedures, and structure of the organization were built during that year.

Beginning in the Fall of 1999, the Center for Portfolio Management was formally opened to the University community. The Center staff, all undergraduate students, was organized into teams to allow for focused programs and individual responsibility. The teams included: Professional Relations, Undergraduate Outreach, Community Outreach, Development, Operations & Logistics, and Management. Each team created programs designed to further the goals of the Center in reaching out to students throughout the University as well as members of the community.


In April 2001, the Center introduced the RISE (Redefining Investment Strategy Education) Forum. RISE was a first-of-its kind symposium bringing together students, professionals, and academics in a learning and sharing environment where investment education was linked with real-world investment strategy. RISE was presented annually thereafter for a total of 14 years.


The most visible change was the renaming of The Center for Portfolio Management to The Richard P. and Susan P. Davis Center for Portfolio Management (the “Davis Center”) in recognition of a generous gift by the Davis family, who are long-time Center and University supporters. In addition, staff members oversaw the initial creation of the Davis Center Alumni Association and the increased coverage of the internship program, and benefited from the addition of a databoard to compliment the stock ticker.


Since 2003, the Davis Center has continued to prosper and grow. Through numerous capital injections and investment performance, the Flyer Investments Fund has managed to grow from $1M to over $20M, making it one of the top ten largest student-run portfolios in the nation. Similar to the Flyer Fund, the Davis Center has experienced a dramatic makeover, with over $100,000 in updates. Upgrades include:  eight new Bloomberg terminals, full customizable color ticker, and a four-screen touch monitor giving access to the latest market news and prices. The structure of the Center has also changed. The Professional Relations, Undergraduate Outreach, Community Outreach, Development, and Operations & Logistics teams have been reorganized. The new teams now include Management, Securities Analysis, Economic Analysis, and Outreach. To learn more about our new structure, visit the Structure page.



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