CME Challenge Summary in Pictures - Houston 2011

Shot of the day

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Flyer Forex Fund in Houston: Pending January 10-15, 2011

German International Students to See CME

CME 2010
Names from left to right: Martin Ernst, Christopher Scherer, Dante De Julius (INTL Hanley, LLC) Celine Biolo, Raphael

Kevin Woeste Wins Academic Acknowledgement Award

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Amanda Toerner Wins Fall 2010 Trading Contest

Amanda toerner

Thursday October 21, 2010

Mr. Peter  O'Neill, Director of Risk, BG North America, came to the University of Dayton Business School, Hanley Trading Center, on October 21, 2010 to speak about financial risk management at BG Group ( and possible careers in risk management.

Eric Buller and Peter O'Neill
Advisory board members Eric Buller and Peter O'Neill
Peter O'Neill, Callaghan Luby, Eric Buller, Kevin Woeste, Chase Keller, Jeff Firestone, Megan Arko

Flyer Forex Fund in Houston: March 1-4, 2010

Professor McNew took a group of students to Houston to examine the physical and financial energy trading world. They interacted with individuals from the following companies: BG Group,BJ Services/Baker Hughes, National Energy and Trade, Shell, British Petroleum, Peregrine, Cyprus Energy Barclays Capital Saracen IVG Energy, Sequent, among others.  The students visited companies in teams of 4-5 and gained valuable networking experience and insight into the energy management world.  Students also attended the Houston Rodeo.

Students visiting Saracen Energy

Students visiting Saracen Energy

Students visiting Saracen Energy

Prof McNew with Chris from Cyprus Energy

Students with John Boardman of BG Group, Houston

Students with Chris Papousek and Truett Allen, Houston

Friday October 25, 2009

George Hanley spoke again to a large group of students.

Flyer Forex Fund in Chicago: October 8-9, 2009

Professor McNew took 20 students to Chicago to examine the proprietary trading world.  They visited with Mesirow Financial, Geneva Trading, The Hanley Group, Securities Technology Resources and editor Dan Collins from Futures Magazine (see “Learning to Trade” Futures Magazine, October 2009).  Students gained direct knowledge of how traders think and feel and the different styles of trading and had a firsthand visit to the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.


Friday October 24, 2008

George Hanley spoke to a group of about 100 undergraduate and graduate business students.