Volume 13 (2004)

Volume 13, Number 1


Committing and Reneging: A Dynamic Model of Policy Regimes
Joseph G. Haubrich and Joseph A. Ritter

Price Rounding and Bid-Ask Spreads Before and After the Decimalization
Yan He and Chunchi Wu

Inefficiency of Bilateral Bargaining in Interbank Markets
Indrajit Mallick

Tick Size and the Returns to Providing Liquidity
Greg MacKinnon and Howard Nemiroff

Capital Investment Timing and Convertible Debt Financing
Timo Korkeamaki and William T. Moore

Credit Rationing and Firms’ Investment and Production Decisions
Pranab Kumar Das

Volume 13, Number 2


Loan Financing, Bankruptcy, and Optimal Supply
Nils Hauenschild and Peter Stahlecker

Dynamic Asset Allocation Under Mean-Reverting Returns, Stochastic Interest Rates, and Inflation Uncertainty- Are Popular Recommendations Consistent with Rational Behavior?
Carston Sorensen, Claus Munk and Tina Nygaard

The Determinants of Stock Returns in a Small Open Economy
Martin Hoesli, Séverine Cauchie and Dušan Isakov

Inflation Changes, Yield Spreadsand Threshold Effects
Greg Tkacz

The Impact of Export Share Requirements Under Production Uncertainty
Charles A. Ingene, Eden S.H. Yu, and Chi-Chur Chao

On Structural Shifts and Stationarity of the Ex Ante Real Interest Rate
Kon S. Lai

Volume 13, Number 3, Special Issue: Aid Allocations and Development Financing


Matthew Odedokun

Trends in the Volume and Allocation of Official Flows from Donor Countries
Howard White

Aid Allocation and the Transfer Paradox in Small Open Economies
E. Kwan Choi

Bilateral Donors’ Aid Allocation Decisions: A Three-dimensional Panel Analysis
Jean-Claude Berthélemy and Ariane Tichit

Descriptive and Prescriptive Analyses of Aid Allocation: Approaches, Issues and Consequences
Mark McGillivray

Aid Effort and its Determinants
Jeffery I. Round and Matthew Odedokun

Strategic Interaction and Donor Policy Determination 
S. Mansoob Murshed

Additionality of Debt Relief and Debt Forgiveness, and Implications for Future Volumes of Official Assistance
Léonce Ndikumana

Bankruptcy Proceedings for Sovereign State Insolvency and their Effect on Capital Flows
Jonathan P. Thomas

Volume 13, Number 4


Monetary Policy and the Credit Channel in an Open Economy
Carlos D. Ramírez

The Hedging Effectiveness of Constant and Time-Varying Hedge Ratios Using Three Pacific Basin Stock Futures
Taufiq Choudhry

Asian Real Interst Rates, Nonlinear Dynamics, and International Parity
Mark J. Holmes and Nabil Maghrebi

Some Evidence in the Trading and Pricing of Equity LEAPS
Weiyu Guo

Relationships Among US Oil Prices and Oil Industry Equity Indices
Shawkat Hammoudeh, Sel Dibooglu, and Eisa Aleisa

Market Segmentation and Information Values of Earning Announcements: Some Empirical Evidence From an Event Study of the Chinese Stock Market
Y.K. Tse and Y. Gao