Volume 2 (1993)

Volume 2, Number 1

An Equilibrium Model of International Asset Pricing and Forward Exchange Rates
Tsong-Yue Lai

Exchange Rate Policy and the Average Rate of Output in a Simple Nonlinear Model
Frank T. Denton, William M. Scarth, and Wen Xue

Risk Premiums: Raising Capital in Foreign Markets: The Case of Canada in the U.S. Capital Market
David A. Burnie

An Analysis of Tourists's Consumption of Non-Traded Goods and Services on the Welfare of the Domestic Consumers
Bharat R. Hazari and A-Ng

A Measure of the Strategic Loan Portfolio Management of Full Service U.S. Banks with Foreign Owners
Thomas O. Stanley, Craig Roger, Bruce L. McManis

A Note on the Inefficiency Cost of Non-Optimal Input Mix
Rangesan Narayanan, Arunava Bhattacharyya, and Ronald L. Shane

Money, Income, and Causality in Pacific-Basin Countries
Shaw K. Chen and Gene C. Lai

Book Review

International Financial Markets
J. Orlin Grabbe
Reviewed by Chuck C.Y. Kwok

Volume 2, Number 2

Trade, Knowledge and Government Research Policy
Wei-Bin Zhang

Analytic Approximation for the Valuation of American Put Options on Stocks with Known Dividends
Edwin O. Fischer

Anticipated Inflation and Capital in a Multisector Monetary Economy
Milton H. Marquis and Kevin Reffett

Testing Market Efficiency with Information on Individual Investor Performance
Paul E. Gabriel, James R. Marsden, and Timothy J. Stanton

Strategic Trade Policies under Instability
David Bigman and Larry S. Karp

The Reaction of Foreign Stock Markets To U.S. Discount Rate Changes
Robert R. Johnson and Gerald R. Jensen

Inflation and Investment Decisions and the Fisher Effect
Uri Ben Zion, Uriel Spiegel and Joseph Yagil

Book Reviews

International Mergers and Acquisitions
Terence E. Cooke
Reviewed by Deborah W. Gregory

New Keynsian Economics: Volume 1-Imperfect Competition and Sticky Prices
N. Gregory Mankiw and David Romer
Reviewed by George K. Davis

Volume 2, Number 3

Variable Labor Supply in a General Equilibrium Model of Production Under Uncertainty
Eden S.H. Yu and Charles A. Ingene

The Private Value of Having Access to Derivative Securities: An Example Using Commodity Options
David W. Bullock and Dermot J. Hayes

Stock Prices, Efficiency and Cointegration: The Case of the UK
R. MacDonald and D. Power

The Missing Fisher Effect: A Theory with Some Tests Using UK Data
William Coleman

Segmented Markets, Differential Information, and Asset Return Dynamics
S.G. Badrinath, Jayant R. Kaled, and Thomas H. Noe

A Comparison of the Balance Sheet Strategies of Foreign-Owned and Domestic-Owned U.S. Banks
John A. Haslem, Carl A. Scheraga, and James P. Bedingfield

Specifying an Economic Model Combining Mixed Expectations and Random Coefficient Models
Asraul Hoque

Volume 2, Number 4

A Multicriteria Approach to Country Risk Evaluation: with an Example Employing Japanese Data
Wade D. Cook and Kevin J. Hebner

Speculative Behavior in an Experimental Cash/Asset Portfolio
David Ansic and John D. Hey

Production and Savings Under Uncertainty
Atanu Saha, Robert Innes, and Rulon Pope

Bond Market Seasonality and Business Cycles
Kam C. Chan and H.K. Wu

International Factor Flow Policy Under Free Trade between Diversified Economies
Fathali Firoozi

Exploiting Volatility Movements in the Sydney Futures Exchangeþs Bank Bill Contract
Ben F. Hunt and R. Bhar

Constrained Sales Maximization under a Linear Technology
Michael J. Panik

Book Reviews

New Keynsian Economics, Volume 2
N. Gregory Mankiw and David Roomer
Reviewed by William D. Lastrapes

Economic Behavior and Institutions
by Thrainn Eggertsson
Reviewed by Elias L. Khalil