Volume 9 (2000)

Volume 9, Number 1


Looking for Arbitrage
Sjur Didrik Flåm

The Price-Volume Relationship in the Crude Oil Futures Market: Some Results Based on Linear and Nonlinear Causality Testing 
Imad A. Moosa and Param Silvapulle

The Effects of Alternative Fiscal Policies on the Intertemporal Government Budget Constraint 
Marcelo Bianconi

Competition for Foreign Direct Investment When Countries Are Not Sure of Site Values 
Koray Kiymaz and Leon Taylor

On Some Aspects of Ecosystem Persistence and the Optimal Conservation of Species 
Amitrajeet A. Batabyal

A Vector Error Correction Model of the Singapore Stock Market
Ramin Cooper Maysami and Tiong Sim Koh


Two Lucky People: Memoirs by Milton and Rose D. Friedman 
Reviewed by Barbara McKiernan

Volume 9, Number 2


International Cross-Listing and Stock Market Development in Emerging Economies
Kent Hargis

Initial Beliefs and the Global Stability of Least Squares Learning 
M. C. Chang, C. Y. Cyrus Chu, and Kenneth S. Lin

Self-Selection and the Effects of Poison Put/Call Covenants on the Reoffering Yields of Corporate Bonds 
Khalil M. Torabzadeh, John Roufagalas and Criss G. Woodruff

Short-Term Eurocurrency Rate Behavior and Specifications of Cointegrating Processes 
Thomas C. Chiang and Doseong Kim

Evaluating the Fisher Effect in Long-Term Cross-Country Averages 
Lee Coppock and Marc Poitras


A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nasar
Reviewed by Alexander Robson

Volume 9, Number 3


Inflation and Capital Gains Taxes In A Small Open Economy
Charles Ka Yui Leung and Guang-Jia Zhang

Adjusting for Risk: An Improved Sharpe Ratio 
Kevin Dowd

A Dynamic Two-Sector Model for Analyzing The Interrelation Between Financial Development and Industrial Growth
Eric C. Wang

Non-Reversed Trades: Further Implications for Currency Trading
Lloyd P. Blenman

Wage Indexation, Migration and Unemployment
Bharat R. Hazari and Pasquale M. Sgro

Exchange Rate Exposure of the Key Financial Institutions in the Foreign Exchange Market 
Anna D. Martin


The Economics of Transnational Commons by Partha Dasgupta, Karl-Goran Maler, and Alessandro Vercelli 
Reviewed by Amitrajeet A. Batabyal

Volume 9, Number 4


Market Structure and Multiperiod Hedging 
Udo Broll and Bernhard Eckwert

The Relationship Between Developed Equity Markets and the Pacific Basin's Emerging Equity Markets 
Baekin Cha and Sekyung Oh

Choice of Currency Basket Weights and Its Implications on Trade Balance 
Hsiang-Ling Han

International Bonds and the Currency Risk: How do Macro-shocks Affect Returns?
David M. Sturges

A Contingent Claim Analysis of a Rate-Setting Financial Intermediary 
Jyh-Horng Lin

Stock Market Booms and Real Economic Activity: Is This Time Different? 


Winners, Losers & Microsoft: Competition and Antitrust in High Technology by Stan J. Liebowitz & Stephen E. Margolis 
Reviewed by Daniel Sutter