Volume 25 (January 2013)

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Volume 25 - Complete (January 2013)

Adjustments in managerial ownership and changes in firm value
Pages 1 - 12
Chen, M.Y.

Growth of aggregate corporate earnings and cash-flows: Persistence and determinants
Pages 13 - 23
Kryzanowski, L.; Mohsni, S.

The Spanish term structure of interest rates revisited: Cointegration with multiple structural breaks, 1974-2010
Pages 24 - 34
Esteve, V.; Navarro-Ibanez, M.; Prats, M.A.

Does patent harmonization impact the decision and volume of high technology trade?
Pages 35 - 51
Briggs, K.

How do foreign investors affect corporate policy?: Evidence from Korea
Pages 52 - 65
Jeon, J.Q.; Ryoo, J.

Bank capital regulation in a cap option framework
Pages 66 - 74
Tsai, J.Y.; Hung, W.M.

Financial integration, nominal rigidity, and monetary policy
Pages 75 - 90
Pang, K.

Does payment method matter in cross-border acquisitions?
Pages 91 - 107
Dutta, S.; Saadi, S.; Zhu, P.

Multi-sourcing as an entry deterrence strategy
Pages 108 - 112
Mukherjee, A.; Tsai, Y.

Volatility transmission between gold and oil futures under structural breaks
Pages 113 - 121
Ewing, B.T.; Malik, F.

The real exchange rate and the balance of trade in US tourism
Pages 122 - 128
Cheng, K.M.; Kim, H.; Thompson, H.

Fundamentals, forecast combinations and nominal exchange-rate predictability
Pages 129 - 145
Wu, J.L.; Wang, Y.C.

Money and risk of loss in an asset market segmentation model
Pages 146 - 155
Choi, H.S.

Nonlinear earnings persistence
Pages 156 - 168
Cheng, C.H.; Wu, P.C.

Leverage and corporate performance: International evidence
Pages 169 - 184
Gonzalez, V.M.

Trade exposure, survival and growth of small and medium-size firms
Pages 185 - 201
Alvarez, R.; Vergara, S.

Exchange rate misalignment and inflation rate persistence: Evidence from Latin American countries
Pages 202 - 218
Giannellis, N.; Koukouritakis, M.

Distortionary tax instruments and implementable monetary policy
Pages 219 - 243
Marattin, L.; Marzo, M.; Zagaglia, P.

Volatility and return spillovers in Canadian and U.S. industry ETFs
Pages 244 - 259
Krause, T.; Tse, Y.

Foreign direct investment and output growth volatility: A worldwide analysis
Pages 260 - 271
Coric, B.; Pugh, G.

The predictability of opening returns for the returns of the trading day: Evidence from Taiwan futures market
Pages 272 - 281
Chen, C.N.

Dynamics of the co-movement between stock and maritime markets
Pages 282 - 290
Erdogan, O.; Tata, K.; Karahasan, B.C.; Sengoz, M.H.

Growth, productivity and capital accumulation: The effects of financial liberalization in the case of European integration
Pages 291 - 309
Gehringer, A.

Substitutability and complementarity of corporate governance mechanisms in Latin America
Pages 310 - 325
Cueto, D.C.

Country-specific idiosyncratic risk and global equity index returns
Pages 326 - 337
Hueng, C.J.; Yau, R.

Horizontal inventive step and international protection of intellectual property
Pages 338 - 355
Yang, X.

Predictive ability and profitability of simple technical trading rules: Recent evidence from Southeast Asian stock markets
Pages 356 - 371
Yu, H.; Nartea, G.V.; Gan, C.; Yao, L.J.

Modeling OECD energy demand: An international panel smooth transition error-correction model
Pages 372 - 383
Lee, C.C.; Chiu, Y.B.

Growth and productivity: The role of government debt
Pages 384 - 407
Afonso, A.; Jalles, J.T.

Futures mispricing, order imbalance, and short-selling constraints
Pages 408 - 423
Lin, E.; Lee, C.F.; Wang, K.

Exchange rate intervention in small open economies: The role of risk premium and commodity price shocks
Pages 424 - 447
Garcia, C.J.; Gonzalez, W.D.

Trade Policy Disaster: Lessons from the 1930s. By Douglas A. Irwin. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2012. ISBN 978-0-262-01671-1. 195 pp.
Pages 448 - 449
Broz, J.L.

Why Capitalism?
Pages 449 - 451
Jordan, J.

Elements of Financial Risk Management, by Peter F. Christoffersen (Second edition, Academic Press)
Pages 451 - 452
Paye, B.S.

''From Optimal Tax Theory to Tax Policy: Retrospective and Prospective Views'' by Robin Boadway. MIT Press, 2012
Pages 452- -453
Hamilton, J.H.

Modeling Monetary Economies, 3d Edition, By Bruce Champ, Scott Freeman, and Joseph Haslag
Pages 453 - 454
Ghossoub, E.A.

Comparative Advantage, Growth, and the Gains from Trade and Globalization: A Festschrift in Honor of Alan V. Deardorff, Edited by Robert Stern, World Scientific, World Scientific, New Jersey (2011), $179, 697 pages
Pages 454 - 455
Rassekh, F.

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