Volume 27 (June 2013)

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Volume 27 - Complete (June 2013)

Panel data analyses of the pecking order theory and the market timing theory of capital structure in Taiwan
Pages 1 - 13
Chen, D.H.; Chen, C.D.; Chen, J.; Huang, Y.F.

Profits and losses from currency intervention
Pages 14 - 20
Jin, H.; Choi, E.K.

Modeling the transitional dynamics of international joint venture policies: An option pricing approach
Pages 21 - 36
Lukas, E.

Country size and tax policy for international joint ventures in an integrated market
Pages 37 - 53
Sanjo, Y.

Do habits generate endogenous fluctuations in a growing economy?
Pages 54 - 68
Park, H.

Privatizing by merger: The case of an inefficient public leader
Pages 69 - 79
Gelves, J.A.; Heywood, J.S.

Managerial incentives and a firm's cash flow sensitivities
Pages 80 - 96
Xu, P.

GFC-robust risk management strategies under the Basel Accord
Pages 97 - 111
McAleer, M.; Jimenez-Martin, J.A.; Perez-Amaral, T.

Dividends, investment and cash flow uncertainty: Evidence from China
Pages 112 - 124
Deng, L.; Li, S.; Liao, M.; Wu, W.

The behavior of real exchange rate: Nonlinearity and breaks
Pages 125 - 133
Lee, C.H.; Chou, P.I.

Has international borrowing or lending driven Australia's net capital inflow?
Pages 134 - 143
Makin, A.J.; Narayan, P.K.

Causality between trading volume and returns: Evidence from quantile regressions
Pages 144 - 159
Gebka, B.; Wohar, M.E.

International trade and hedging under joint price and exchange rate uncertainty
Pages 160 - 170
Wong, K.P.

Financial constraint and the choice between leasing and debt
Pages 171 - 182
Lin, J.R.; Wang, C.J.; Chou, D.W.; Chueh, F.C.

Central bank transparency: Does it matter?
Pages 183 - 197
Rhee, H.J.; Turdaliev, N.

Identifying multiple regimes in the model of credit to households
Pages 198 - 208
Serwa, D.

Return distribution predictability and its implications for portfolio selection
Pages 209 - 223
Zhu, M.

Price discovery between regular and mini index futures in the Taiwan Futures Exchange
Pages 224 - 237
Wang, Y.Y.; Chang, C.C.; Lee, W.C.

Uncovered interest parity puzzle: Asymmetric responses
Pages 238 - 249
Lee, B.J.

Credit frictions and consumption dynamics in an open economy
Pages 250 - 260
Chu, S.Y.

The Canadian macroeconomy and the yield curve: A dynamic latent factor approach
Pages 261 - 274
Lange, R.H.

Learning by devaluating: A supply-side effect of competitive devaluation
Pages 275 - 290
Tervala, J.

Genetic contamination of traditional products
Pages 291 - 297
Choi, E.K.

Impacts of global and domestic shocks on inflation and economic growth for actual and potential GCC member countries
Pages 298 - 317
Kim, W.J.; Hammoudeh, S.

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