Zixi Li

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Zixi Li

Interned with Manchester Trading Limited (MT), Washington, DC

What is/are your major(s)?

Finance and Business Economics majors.

How/why did you come to be working with (your firm)?

The University Honors Program established a cohort of DC Flyers, a group of UD students exploring careers in Washington through first-rate summer internships and experiential learning opportunities. I am honored to have been selected into this cohort. Then I got a skype interview with MT, and I was fortunately accepted as an intern.

Can you mention the specific unit you work in and the people you work under?

I work directly with the President of Manchester Trade, Mr. Stephen Lande.

What exactly are you doing in your role?

I help MT principals prepare for meetings with Ambassadors, Congressmen, Congresswomen, clients, and prospective clients. I conduct background research and prepare proposals for assigned projects. I attend industry-related events and write reports. I also coordinate events such as weekly intern meetings, and help manage our social media presence.

What is the most significant and/or challenging aspect of your work with them?

As a college student, and considering this is my first job, I have many things to learn. I am not reconciled to only acquire skills that are necessary to perform the job, but I strive to deeply understand industry-related information, how to make right decisions, and what it takes to finish projects promptly, even under pressure.

How do you expect to carry this experience over into your future plans?

I think my experiences in this internship are very meaningful in terms of learning about what the real business world looks like. This will definitely influence my career path and I may consider getting my Master’s degree while working in DC.

What is your best UD-SBA experience so far?

When I was a sophomore, I was honored to be hired as a Peer Advisor in the SBA Advising Center. I provided academic, personal, and emotional support for first-year students and held office hours each week for both international and American students. I really enjoyed myself while helping students achieve success at UD.

Why do you love UD?

All the above experiences were possible because I am a Dayton Flyer. I love the community. I love the campus. I love the people. I love that I am enjoying everything at UD. I just love UD!!!


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