What's New In Flyer Dining:

November Highlights

  • Purchase A Dining Services Sustainable Blue UD Mug - Avalaible at all dining facilities & the bookstore! See below for details!

  • Stop by KU Crossing and enjoy old favorites from The Runway, PLUS new offerings with an international flair at Spice's World Market Deli!

  • Happy Thanksgiving from Au Bon Pain! Stop by for a taste of the upcoming holiday with this month's feature sandwhich, the  "Holiday Gobbler!" *(turkey & gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce).

  • Need an energy boost? VWK has just the thing! Start your day with a Cold Brew Coffee, or indulge your senses with the Nitro Coffee!

  • "I scream! You scream! We all scream for Ice Cream!" Stop by Marycrest and grab a cup or cone of the local Young's Jersey Dairy Ice Cream, featuring a new flavor "Red Scare!"

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