Robert C. Conard

Professor Emeritus



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Phone: 937-229-2449


Prof. Conard has been at UD since 1967. He has received numerous research grants from the University and from the National Endowment for the Humanities. In 1994 he received the Outstanding Scholarship Award from the College of A&S, in 1995 the Teaching Excellence Award of the Southern Ohio Council for Higher Education (SOCHE), and in 1995 the University Alumni Award for Outstanding Scholarship. In 1996 he was chosen one of the editors of the Collected Works of Heinrich Böll, the 1972 Nobel Laureate for Literature. Dr. Conard's main academic interest is 20th century and contemporary German literature and culture.

In 2013 Dr. Conard was awarded The Order of Merit First Class by the Republic of Hungary, Hungary’s highest civilian award, for his work in 1956-1957 during and after the Hungarian Revolution in the refugee camp in Traiskirchen, Austria. At that time Conard taught English and directed a language school in the camp for about 3,000 refugees and helped refugees to immigrate to the United States.

Courses Taught

  • German language and literature (primarily Post World War II)


  • Ph.D.  in German, University of Cincinnati, 1967
  • M.A. in German, University of Cincinnati, 1964
  • B.B.A.  in Acounting, University of Cincinnati, 1956

Research Interests

  • German literature
  • German history
  • German culture

Selected Publications & Presentations


One of seven editors of the 27-volume critical edition of the Collected Works of Heinrich Böll (in German) Kiepenheuer & Witsch: Cologne, 2002-2010.

Several books and articles on German literature.

Numerous translations of German short stories, poetry, dramas and essays.

Multiple reviews.


Numerous presentations on German literature and culture.