Joseph F. Castellano

Professor Emeritus



Email: Joseph F. Castellano

Courses Taught

  • ACC 208 - Introduction to Managerial Accounting
  • ACC 707 - Critical Thinking
  • MBA 607A - Strategic Performance Measurement and Control: A System's Perspective
  • MBA 609A - Special Topics in Accounting
  • MBA 659 - Business as a Calling
  • MBA 692 - Operational Management Systems
  • MBA 792 - Performance Measurement and Control System's Perspective


  • Saint Louis University, PhD, 1971
  • Saint Louis University, MS, 1965
  • Saint Louis University, BS, 1964

Professional Activities

  • American Accounting Association, member
  • American Society for Quality, member
  • Financial Executives International, member
  • Institute of Management Accountants, member

Research Interests

  • Lean Thinking and Lean Accounting including the Toyota Production System and the Toyota Way. The design and use of performance measurement and control systems to support lean initiatives and the Toyota culture and Toyota management philosophy. Using cultural audits to assess "tone at the top."

Selected Publications

  • Castellano, J., Keune, T., Carrillo, H. Employee Engagement in Public Accounting. To appear in The CPA Journal.
  • Castellano, J., Keune, T., Zelazny, L. The Challenge of Developing a Millennial Friendly Work Environment. To appear in Cost Management.
  • Castellano, J., Lightle, S., Baker, B. (2017). A Strategy for Teaching Critical Thinking:  The Sellmore Case. Management Accounting Quarterly, 18(3), 1-10.
  •  Lightle, S., Castellano, J., Baker, B. (2017). Why Audit Teams Need the Confidence to Speak Up. Journal of Accountancy. January, 46-51.
  • Castellano, J., Roehm, H., Shaw, C. (2016). Maintenance Required: Deming’s Management Method Can Help You Increase Employee Engagement. Quality Progress, 49, 15-19.
  • Castellano, J., Lightle, S., Baker, B. (2015). Assessment of Tone at the Top: The Psychology of Control Risk Assessment. The CPA Journal, 85(6), 50-55.
  • Castellano, J., Lightle, S., Baker, B. (2015). The Challenge of Introducing Critical Thinking in the Business Curriculum. INQUIRY: Critical Thinking across the Disciplines, 29(3), 13-26.
  • Castellano, J., Wenrick, M. (2015). The Cultural Transformation at Value Added Packaging Inc.: Impact on Employee Engagement. Cost Management, 29(4), 26-32.
  • Castellano, J., Baker, B., Lightle, S., Sweeney, R. (2015). The Role of Corporate Boards in Employee Engagement. IUP Journal of Corporate Governance, 14(4), 7-13.
  • Roorda, D., Castellano, J. (2012). An Application of Lean Thinking and Lean Tools to Improve a Customer Complaint Product Return Process. Cost Management, 26(3), 37-47.