Yue Pan


Full-Time Faculty

Courses Taught

  • MKT 301 - Principles of Marketing
  • MKT 421 - Advertising


  • University of Georgia, PhD, 2003
  • University of Georgia, MS, 2003
  • Tsinghua University, ME, 1998
  • Tsinghua University, BA, 1996
  • Tsinghua University, BE, 1996

Professional Activities

  • Journal of Retailing, reviewer
  • Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, reviewer
  • Journal of Advertising, reviewer
  • International Journal of E-adoption (IJEA), Editorial Review Board member
  • Society for Marketing Advances 2007 Conference, reviewer
  • Society for Consumer Psychology 2007 Annual Conference, reviewer
  • Web Systems Design, book chapter reviewer
  • Online Consumer Behavior, book chapter reviewer
  • 2002 American Marketing Association Winter Marketing Educators' Conference, reviewer
  • 2002 Society for Marketing Advances Conference, reviewer
  • 2001 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference, reviewer
  • 2000 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference, reviewer
  • Society for Marketing Advances 2007 Conference, discussant
  • The 5th International Conference on Global Business & Economic Development (Beijing, China), discussant

Research Interests

  • Internet Marketing
  • Retailing
  • Quality-of-life studies in marketing
  • Cross-cultural aspects of consumer behavior

Selected Publications

  • Pan, Y., Zhang, J. Q. (2014). The Composition of the Editorial Boards of General Marketing Journals. Journal of Marketing Education, 36(1), 33-44.
  • Pan, Y., Sparks, J. (2012). Predictors, Consequence, and Measurement of Ethical Judgments: Review and Meta-Analysis. Journal of Business Research, 65(1), 84-91.
  • Xie, F., Cai, J., Pan, Y. (2012). Perceived and Implicit Ranking of Academic Journals: An Optimization Choice Model. Journal of Education for Business, 87(5), 266-274.
  • Pan, Y., Sheng, S, Xie, F. (2012). Antecedents of Customer Loyalty: An Empirical Synthesis and Reexamination. Journal of Retailing & Consumer Services, 19(1), 150-158.
  • Pan, Y., Zhang, J. Q. (2011). Born Unequal: A Study of Perceived Persuasiveness of Online Consumer Product Reviews. Journal of Retailing, 87(4), 598-612.
  • Pan, Y., Chen, C. (2011). Author Affiliation Index: A New Approach to Marketing Journal Ranking. Marketing Education Review, 21(3), 275-287.
  • Pan, Y., Siemens, J. (2011). The Differential Effects of Retail Density: An Investigation of Goods versus Service Settings. Journal of Business Research, 64(2), 105-112.
  • Pan, Y. Song, X., Goldschmidt, A., French, W. (2010). A Cross-Cultural Investigation of Work Values among Young Executives in China and the U. S. Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal, 17(3), 283-298.
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  • Pan, Y., Zinkhan, G. (2004). Netvertising Characteristics, Opportunities and Challenges: A Research Agenda. International Journal of Internet Marketing & Advertising, 1(3), 283-299.