Bachelor of Science in Education in Early Childhood Leadership and Advocacy

Enhance your career — and your education — with the University of Dayton Early Childhood Leadership and Advocacy degree. This part-time, web-based undergraduate program is designed for experienced early childhood professionals who wish to continue their current career while pursuing their B.S.E. 

As an early childhood education major, you'll inspire children to love school — and ignite a lifelong passion for learning from the beginning of their education. Our program integrates early childhood courses with information about children with special learning needs, hands-on experience and constant support from your University of Dayton community. When you graduate, you'll be prepared to teach grades prekindergarten through three (ages three through eight).

Program Outcomes

You can be admitted to the University of Dayton after earning an associate degree (or equivalent) in early childhood or a related field and also meeting the University's general education requirements. These requirements include western civilization, physical science, life science, college composition, contemporary mathematics, introductory courses in philosophy, religion and communication, upper-level courses in historical study, art study, religion or philosophy and social science, among other elective coursework.

Combined with the associate's degree, if you wish to complete the bachelor of science degree in early childhood leadership and advocacy, you will need to transfer in at least 76 semester hours. Nine of the 76 hours must come from a four-year institution.

This program leads to a Bachelor of Science after another 45 hours are completed at the University of Dayton for a total of 121 semester hours; and/or, a University-issued undergraduate certificate in early childhood leadership and advocacy.

Admission Resources