Low-Cost Energy Audits

The University of Dayton's Building Energy Center (UD-BEC) was founded in 2006 with the following goals:

  1.  Improving building performance and energy efficiency.
  2.  Educating energy efficiency engineers.
  3.  Advancing the science of building energy performance.

The Building Energy Center provides the following:

  1.  Low-cost residential energy audits.
  2.  Low-cost commercial building energy audits.
  3.  Net-zero energy building design assistance.
  4.  Renewable energy system design assistance.
  5.  Energy and CO2 emission tracking and benchmarking.
  6.  Phase change material and thermal mass analysis.
  7.  Free energy analysis software.

The Center makes a special effort to work with low-income and other groups who can especially benefit from state-of-the-art energy efficiency information. A principle focus of the Building Energy Center is to extend building energy science though the careful analysis of energy data. The energy assessment capabilities of the Center build on the expertise of the award-winning University of Dayton Industrial Assessment Center, which has performed over 750 industrial energy assessments during the past 25 years.