Center of Excellence in Distributed Sensing & Multistatic Radar

The University of Dayton Mumma Radar Laboratory is a center of radar and electronic warfare research, mainly supporting government agencies, industries and small businesses. Some assets are:

  • Distributed tomographic chamber for radar imaging, signature exploitation, RCS and antenna measurements
  • X-Band radar testbeds, including a MIMO radar and a 2.5GHz bandwidth, DRFM-based Radar for adaptive waveform generation
  • Ku-Band airborne SAR system (IMSAR NANOSAR), with capability of airborne data collections
  • Suite of advanced test instrumentation, including an 8-port network analyzer, arbitrary waveform generators, vector signal generators and analyzers, channel emulators, 20GHz oscillator, DRFMs, high-performance computers
  • Outdoor testbed based on a modified maritime radar to allow coherent signal processing
  • W-band components, calibration targets, soldering stations and all RF microwave components up to X-band necessary to assemble any RF chain prototype in a matter of hours
  • Specialized software such as Keysight ADS, Keysight EMPro, Keysight Genesys, Keysight SystemVue, FEKO, AWR Microwave Office, full package MATLAB, Xilinx Vivado, Adobe Inventor


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Kettering Laboratories 251 
300 College Park 
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0232