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* 1. Bloodborne Pathogens may enter your body through accidental injury by a contaminated sharp object, through non-intact skin or through the mucous membranes of your mouth, nose or eyes.
* 2. It is important to treat all blood or bodily fluids containing blood as potentially infectious materials in the workplace.
* 3. You cannot become infected through contact with a contaminated countertop if the infectious material is completely dry.
* 4. Handwashing is a very important method you can follow to protect yourself against bloodborne diseases.
* 5. Bloodborne diseases are only transmitted through direct contact with blood.
* 6. Hepatitis is a bigger threat to you than AIDS because it is more common.
* 7. You can reuse disposable gloves if they are not visibly contaminated with blood.
* 8. To transmit HIV or HBV in the workplace, there must be contact between broken skin or in your eyes, nose or throat.
* 9. After an emergency, a hazardous situation continues to exist until the workplace is properly cleaned of blood and body fluids.
* 10. In the workplace, discard potentially infectious materials in the usual trash containers.
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