Online Safety Training

The University of Dayton requires* that certain faculty, staff and students be trained before being authorized to perform certain tasks on campus.

Training available online is presented as a video or powerpoint presentation.  Please watch and/or read through the presentation to learn about each particular category.  For documentation or insurance purposes, online training must be documented.  Generally, this is accomplished via a quiz that is submitted following the online presentation.

Not sure about what training is needed?  Please refer to this training matrix based on job description.

Click on the individual training tab to access each training module.

Available Training Modules

Biological Safety

Are you in contact with blood or work with potentially infectious organisms?  This module discusses the potential dangers of and how to work safety around biohazardous (infectious) materials. 

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Compressed Gas Cylinder

Do you work with compressed gas cylinders?  It is important to recognize that if not handled properly, these pressurized cylinders pose both physical and health hazards.  Review this module to learn more about how to properly handle compressed gas cylinders. 

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Dining Services

Please take this training module if you work with or around food preparation.  The training includes a video that demonstrates safety awareness in a kitchen setting.

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Driver Certification

Are you required to drive a University owned vehicle or utility vehicle?  If so, you must go through this training module.

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Hazard Communication

This training module explains how to identify and work around hazardous chemicals?  If there is a chance that you will come into contact with hazardous chemicals (directly or indirectly) it is important to go through this training.

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Hazardous Materials Shipping

This training explains the requirements for shipping hazardous materials and is required for anyone prior to submitting a hazardous shipment request.  Please note that only certified individuals are capable of actually shipping hazardous materials.

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Laboratory Safety

This training module introduces laboratory specific hazards.  If you work within a laboratory setting it is important to understand how to work safely and what to do in case of an accident. 

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Laser Safety

Interested in working with lasers?  This training identifies the different types of lasers and how to safely work with them.

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Lockout Tagout (LOTO)

This is required training for anyone who is authorized to work on or around energized equipment.

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Respiratory Protection

If you are required to wear a respirator this training is the first step in becoming respirator certified.

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X-Ray Emitting Equipment

Do you work with radiation generating equipment?  Take this training to understand the associated hazards when using this equipment.

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Additional Information

1. Much of the general and refresher training can be accessed and completed online.  However, depending on the task, additional initial in class training and/or demonstration may be required.  EHS offers live training and demonstrations on a variety of safety items for large groups, as well as trainings that cannot be offered online.  Please contact EHS office at 937-229-4503 (x94503) to inquire about live or group training sessions.

2. Federal and state laws and University of Dayton policy require all workers to receive applicable safety training and be informed of potential health and safety risks that may be present in their workplace.  Documentation must be maintained to demonstrate that such training was provided and received.

3. System compatibility issues - please note that some web browsers and/or operating systems have difficulty playing online training presentations.

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