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The University of Dayton Vehicle Use and Driver Certification Policy is established as part of the continuing efforts to improve the safety of University faculty, staff, students, and volunteers who operate University-insured vehicles, utility carts or rentals for University business-related events and operations. This program reduces the risk of injury to our campus community and also reduces loss to the University. 

Policy and Requirements

Any individual who needs to drive a University-insured vehicle (owned, leased, donated, rented or a golf cart) for University business is required to complete the online driver certification (consisting of the registration form, a presentation, and the quiz) and meet the insurance requirements according to the following specifications prior to receiving approval for driving on behalf of the University:  

  • All University personnel that operate or could be called upon to operate a University-insured vehicle are required to complete the driver certification session annually.  Individuals who have been personally assigned a UD vehicle for 24-hour use also need to complete the driver certification session annually.
  • Students who are required to operate a University-insured vehicle for their campus jobs or for various campus functions are required to complete the driver training session annually.
  • Volunteers must also complete the driver certification annually.   

For additional information and requirements, please refer to the vehicle use policy.

Driver Certification    

Driver Certification is comprised of three sections: (1) the Certification Form, (2) the Presentation and (3) the Quiz.

Section 1:  Certification Form

All drivers must complete and sign a certification form.  The form must be mailed to Environmental Health and Safety/Risk Management (+2904) in order to process the driver certification.  The form provides consent for the University to verify the applicant's driving record with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to determine the applicant’s insurability and certification to drive a UD-insured vehicle, golf cart or rental on behalf of the University. 

There are two ways to complete the form:

1)    Print out the form, complete it and submit it. Click here>>>.


2)    Fill out the online form and submit it. Click here>>>.

Section 2:  Presentation

(click screenshot to open the training presentation as a pdf)

Driver Certification Screenshoot2015

Section 3:  Quiz

You are required to take the quiz to review your knowledge of the subject. 

Submission of the quiz is required for documentation purposes prior to driving a University-related vehicle.  Please access the quiz here.

Additional Information

- If you are driving a University-insured vehicle and are in an accident, please view the information in this link regarding the proper procedure for reporting accidents.

- If you drive a golf cart or other utility vehicle, you must also follow the driver certification requirements. Please refer to the Vehicle Use Program for additional instructions and zone maps.

- If you have additional questions regarding insurance coverage, would like to know when you last completed the driver certification, or need an insurance card prior to a trip, please contact our office at 937-229-4503 and we will gladly assist.

List of Approved Drivers

Please use the link below to view the list of drivers who are authorized to operate a University-insured vehicle, golf cart or rental on behalf of the University. The expiration date reflects the new requirement of completing the Driver Certification Session annually. If you were previously on a 3-year schedule, please complete the session at your earliest convenience. Please note that Driver Certificates are now being sent by email to all approved drivers.  If you have questions, please contact Environmental Health and Safety/Risk Management at 937 229 4503.

Certified Drivers

Using Personal Vehicles for University Business

While driving your personal vehicle on behalf of the University, please know that your personal automobile insurance will be the primary form of insurance.  However, persons who have a high-risk driving record will not be able to drive on behalf of the University. Completing the Driver Vehicle Questionnaire gives permission for the University of Dayton to check your driver’s license status, as needed, with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Access the Driver Vehicle Questionnaire link below and submit the form to your supervisor.  

-Driver Vehicle Questionnaire

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