Energy & Sustainability

Sustainability at UD is not a new concept. Our founders planted orchards, farmed the surrounding land for their daily food and constructed the first few building from materials found locally. The concept of recycle, reuse and conserve is ingrained in our faith, our teachings and our heritage.

As our commitment to energy and sustainability issues has grown, so has our staff and resources dedicated to these issues. More than 25 years ago, part-time student recycling coordinators managed initial efforts at resource conservation. Today, two full-time staff members are dedicated to a wide array of programs and initiatives designed to make UD a more efficient, sustainable campus.

Facilities Management is currently engaged in efforts to compost and reuse organic material on campus, upgrade the technical systems of our buildings with more efficient equipment, design and construct LEED-certified buildings, identify the most sustainable companies and firms to contract with, and develop a plan for long-term sustainability and carbon neutrality.


Steve Kendig
Executive Director Energy Utilization and Environmental Sustainability
(937) 229-3769

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