Celebrate your uniqueness.

Engage in the world around you through the creation of new and diverse experiences. Spend a semester immersed in another culture. Attend a festival that celebrates your native country. Come study and learn English at the University of Dayton. These opportunities and more are all at your fingertips.

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Latest News and Events

Culture and Society

Honoring history

The University of Dayton will present films, lectures and public programs throughout the 2015-16 academic year to celebrate Latino Americans: 500 Years of History.

Learning Abroad

Where in the world are UD students this summer? Just about everywhere.


Dayton Peace Accords at 20

Toddlers then, college students now, will learn about the process in each other's countries.

Harvest Potluck

Did you learn how to make a new international dish after studying abroad or are you an international student that wants to share food from your culture with the community? Harvest Potluck is an international food festival featuring food from various regions of the world represented by our students. Timed to occur close to Thanksgiving, the festival’s theme is gratitude and how that manifests from culture to culture. The 2015 Harvest Potluck takes place on Friday, October 30, from 5 to 7:30 p.m. in McGinnis.

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