UDCI Accommodation Letter Request

Accommodation Letter Request Form for Students Attending UDCI Program

An "Accommodation Letter" will be generated each semester by completing this request.  Once completed, the letter will be sent to your university email address.  If you are a first or second semester user of accommodations, you will need to meet with OLR disability staff to receive your Accommodation Letters.  If you are currently at the UDCI Program, please let us know so we can arrange a virtual meeting.   You may also want to meet with OLR disability staff to evaluate how accommodations will work at UDCI.

When submitted this form, you are acknowledging that you have read, understand and commit to the University of Dayton Academic Honor Code (click here to view UD Honor Code – http://bulletin.udayton.edu/content.ud?v=26 p=2887 c=2915).

A copy of this letter will be shared with the testing staff at UDCI, but will only be utilized by this staff to address any testing accommodation needs that can not be addressed by your individual faculty members.  You must follow the process of requesting test accommodations.

* Current Academic Standing

Tape recording of classes
Copy of materials displayed electronically in class
Volunteer note-taker
Alternative Formats (Class)
Assistive technology (Class)
Use of a calculator (Class)
Breaks as needed (Class)
Lenient tardy or absence
Interpreter services
Large print handouts (Class)
Captioning of all audio and video material (Class)
Text Description of audio and video material (Class)
Extended time 1.5
Extended time 2.0
Distraction reduced environment
Alternative formats (Test)
Assistive technology (Test
Use of a calculator (Test)
Breaks as needed (Test)
Large print test materials (Test)
Proctor or writer in test situations
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