Crime Prevention

Campus Crime Prevention

The Department of Public Safety provides important services to the community, but nothing we do can replace your actions in maintaining security and safety on campus. Take time to learn about crime prevention and safety – for yourself and your fellow community members. Information and awareness are your best weapons against crime and accidents. Pamphlets and posters, addressing a wide variety of safety related matters, are available from Public Safety. Upon request by students, residence hall staff, faculty or other employees, Police staff will provide educational programs addressing related safety matters including crime prevention, safe driving, alcohol laws, or other safety topics.

Crime Prevention is everyone's job on campus.  If you see something suspicious or unusual, report it.

Personal Safety

  • Always keep your door locked - day or night. NEVER let strangers in.
  • Never lend your keys or leave your door unlocked for a friend.
  • Don't bring valuables to campus. Leave them at home where they are most safe.
  • Keep cash and other small valuables out of sight.
  • Don't prop open exterior doors. You could be letting in an intruder. The doors are locked for your safety!
  • Don't leave your books unattended.
  • Know the location of building staff offices, phones, or other safe areas.
  • Report suspicious persons or activity to building staff or Campus Police.

On The Grounds

  • Be alert and aware of people around you.
  • Don't walk alone -- go with a friend, group or use the on campus escort service.
  • Use public walkways, avoid shortcuts and dark or secluded places.
  • Never hitchhike, pick up hitchhikers, or ride with a stranger.
  • Never drink and drive.
  • Always lock your bike to a fixed object. Use a high security bicycle lock for the best protection.
  • Always lock your car and take your keys with you. Lock your valuables out of sight. (In the trunk is best)
  • Know the locations of emergency telephones.
  • If you are a victim, call the Department of Public Safety immediately. We can assist you and advise you of your legal rights.

Why should you participate in the University's crime prevention programs?

  • Because we need your help to create a safe campus environment.
  • Because crime hurts all of us.
  • Because campuses with active campus crime prevention programs have reported dramatic reductions in crime.
  • Because our campus crime prevention effort needs you to make it work.
Emergency Information

Call   911* from UD campus phones

Call  (937) 229-2121 from all other phones

*  Non-campus phones and cell phones will reach the Montgomery County Regional Dispatch Center when dialing 911. Add (937) 229-2121 to your cell phone for emergency calls to University of Dayton Public Safety.


Department of Public Safety 937-229-2131 (administrative offices)

Fitz Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2914