Special Service Award

Special Service Award

For Volunteer Service to the University of Dayton

The Special Service Award is presented to an alumnus who has performed a special service or displayed exceptional diligence on behalf of the University of Dayton.  

Special Service awards are given for extended service, for successfully completing a special project or program on behalf of the University or the Alumni Association.  To be eligible, a person must be a graduate of the University of Dayton with an associate, bachelor, masters or doctoral degree.

Howard `63, `67 and Sally `65 Stevens

Howard `63, `67 and Sally `65 Stevens

Both as husband and wife and as business professionals, Howard and Sally Stevens have embarked on meaningful — and successful — ventures together. They founded and operated two impactful organizations: the Chally Group Worldwide in 1973, a sales performance consulting corporation, and the Sales Education Foundation in 2007, a nonprofit organization that promotes the benefits of sales education programs at the university level. Instead of resting on the fruits of their success, Howard and Sally always gave back, freely extending their expertise in sales education and sales talent assessment to benefit countless individuals and organizations, including the University of Dayton. Fifteen years ago, they worked with Tony Krystofik to establish the Center for Professional Selling at the University, for which Tony is still the executive director. The Center’s groundbreaking “consultative” model of sales, informed by the Stevens’ work, has positively impacted the career paths of over 250 students, who have had a 98 percent job placement rate upon graduation.

In coordination with the start of the Center, the Stevens also began donating a product to the University offered through the Chally Group Worldwide: the Chally Behavioral Sales Assessment. The gift-in-kind offering, valued at over $500,000, enables University students and Advancement staff to accurately assess their talent and productivity as future or current sales professionals. Despite selling Chally Group Worldwide to Growthplay in 2015, the Stevens continue to provide this valuable service to the University, aiding students and furthering the University’s initiatives by providing support to the staff responsible for promoting them to constituents. The Stevens also readily interact with students affiliated with the Center, passing along their hard-earned knowledge in addition to opening the Center’s doors to prospective students through the establishment of the Stevens/Brothers Scholarship. Through ongoing involvement, the Stevens continue to offer innovative ideas, such as cross-collaboration across disciplines, to promote sales education throughout the University of Dayton, positively impacting countless initiatives and individuals. Howard earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UD in 1964 and a Master of Arts in Psychology from UD in 1967. Sally earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry in 1965.

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