International Student Costs

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Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Tuition Costs for International Students, 2018-19:

Tuition: $44,100
Living expenses: $15,100
Insurance and other costs: $4,750

Undergraduate Scholarships

The University of Dayton awards international merit scholarships to selected first-year and transfer undergraduate international applicants. Undergraduate students are automatically considered for an international merit scholarship upon applying for admission.

Graduate Students

Graduate Tuition Costs for International Students, 2018-19:

Master's: arts and sciences and engineering per credit hour


MBA, MFin, MPAcc per credit hour




Ph.D. biology and engineering per credit hour


Ph.D. religious studies per credit hour


Master's: religious studies per credit hour (fall and spring)


Master's: religious studies per credit hour (summer)


MPA per credit hour


English (teaching track only) per credit hour


Bachelor's plus Master's per credit hour



2018-19 School of Education and Health Sciences (SEHS) Tuition Costs Per Semester

Master's per credit hour


Education Specialist program per credit hour


Ph.D. per credit hour


Online courses for full-time Catholic educators and Lalanne students


Professional development workshop


Professional development workshop - UD provided instructor


Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) includes lab, professional, and clinical charges


Physical Assistant

Costs by Cohort Group


Miscellaneous Graduate Charges

Audit rate per credit hour (rounded to next dollar)

1/2 regular rate

University charge per semester


Late registration charge ($25 per week)

$75.00 max

Credit by Examination (EM credit) per credit hour



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