Bachelor of Arts in Human Rights Studies

Genocide in Sudan, immigration issues in America and ethical labor practices in Asia. By studying human rights, you will analyze world issues while learning to examine, promote and respect the dignity of each person. You will also perform rigorous research and conduct in-depth analysis of critical questions within the field of human rights. Your interactions with our dedicated faculty will help you search for answers to human rights issues and questions at home and abroad.

Program Outcomes

Through our interdisciplinary program, you will have countless opportunities to become involved with human rights issues. Each year, students organize Human Rights Week, a week-long program with nationally-known scholars and speakers, issue forums, artistic presentations and other activities.

You can take courses and conduct research in locations around the world through our education abroad programs. Recently, students have traveled to Burundi, Chile, El Salvador, Geneva, Haiti, Ireland, Kenya, Malawi, Mexico, Rwanda, South Africa, Switzerland and Uganda.

As a human rights studies major, you will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through internships with government agencies, Congress, nongovernmental and nonprofit organizations, human rights groups and multinational corporations interested in safeguarding human rights.

In order to prepare you for work in our global society, you will also complete a language requirement. You may satisfy the requirement by taking a proficiency examination, completing an intermediate-level language course or participating in an approved education abroad experience.

Admission Resources