Sustainability, Energy and the Environment

The Sustainability, Energy and the Environment Initiative is an exciting new approach to integrating the efforts of UD students, faculty and staff toward building a stronger, more environmentally sustainable future for the University and for the surrounding greater Miami Valley community. With the many changes occurring in our energy infrastructure, and given increasing concerns internationally about climate change, now more than ever is a time when we can be helping prepare our students for a world undergoing rapid changes.

The minor in sustainability, energy and the environment is a multidisciplinary effort to encourage students to explore complex societal sustainability issues that do not fit easily into one traditional academic discipline. The genesis of this program lies in the realization that a scientific and technical knowledge of environmental, ecological and energy system challenges will not be sufficient to develop viable answers. Many disciplines at the University make contributions to these issues, ranging from ethical, spiritual and artistic, to economic, political and sociological approaches. Students will be introduced to the minor through a seminar-style course, will take at a minimum two further team-taught and interdisciplinary courses, and will gain experience in interdisciplinary research.

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