Alumni and students show gratitude for life as a Flyer

By Richard (Dick) Bray '66

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City: Plymouth, MI
Profession: Active volunteer and retired HR professional
Favorite UD HomeUniversity Hall at West Campus

After working in HR for more than 30 years, I’m curious about people’s backgrounds and what motivates them. The University’s Scholarship Dinner was a great opportunity to see the next generation coming through the University and to learn what their plans are for the future.

Students help plan the Scholarship Dinner program, from the invocation to sharing their UD experiences and their future goals. We met Delanie Harrington ‘18, the student currently receiving our Bray Family Scholarship. We spent the evening seated with Delanie as well as other scholarship recipients, including students who sang and played piano during the program.

The evening was a reminder that our fellow alumni really are a special group of people who want to give back. My wife (Barb `71) and I set up the Bray Family Scholarship, along with my brother and his wife, to show gratitude for all those who gave to us and made it possible for us to attend UD. We know there are a lot of students in need, and we are happy to help.

UD runs in our family- from siblings to spouses. We’re working on the grandkids right now! While the students who receive our scholarship are not immediate family, I feel a connection because of our shared University experiences. By coming to this dinner, we saw how students mature into young professionals and are really very well prepared to go out into the world.

We were in Dayton for both the basketball game and the Scholarship Dinner. How great it is to return to campus for these events.

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