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What does it mean to “be wise” at the University of Dayton School of Business Administration (UD SBA)? It means to gain business wisdom through international, service, and experiential activities. These objectives led to the creation of BWISE – Business Wisdom through International, Service, and Experiential.

BWISE is a graduation requirement for all SBA students, who must complete two of the three requirements: international, service and experiential learning activities. BWISE can be satisfied in countless ways, leaving each student freedom to customize activities that fit their unique abilities, passions, and interests.

For junior Katie Deneen (holding the Honey Smacks frog), BWISE led to circumnavigating the globe on a cruise ship outfitted with classrooms. Participating in the “Semester at Sea” study abroad program enabled Katie to not only check off one of her BWISE requirements, but to also visit 14 different countries! Katie expected this international experience to help demonstrate to potential employers that she possesses the global literacy needed to compete in business environments that are growing ever more international in scope.

She was right. Semester at Sea directly impacted her successful internship the following summer with The Kellogg Company. Her deeper exposure to international marketing strategies at Kellogg led to a growing understanding of global markets. “My earlier experiences with Semester at Sea helped me approach the internship with an open mind and a higher level of confidence in understanding foreign cultures.”

Junior Anna Pierce used an internship with Centaur Media in the United Kingdom to satisfy two of the BWISE requirements. “Through the London Global Flyers Program,” Anna shared, “I traveled with five other UD students to London for a seven-week immersion that fulfilled my passion for global travel.” While doing what she loved, Anna completed both international and experiential BWISE activities. “I worked 20 hours a week and took classes, plus had lots of opportunities to explore the London business scene and network with other students and professionals from across the globe.”

 Anna first learned about this opportunity from a guest speaker in her BIZ 101 classes. Although it’s often tough for a 1st year student to appreciate what’s happening in an 8:00 a.m. class, Anna encourages students to pay close attention to all information presented in BIZ 101. “You never know what opportunities will be shared or where they’ll lead you.”

 The SBA Undergraduate Advising Office staff is available to help business students find activities that satisfy BWISE requirements. Students can visit Miriam Hall 108 or email

Madelyn Allor, ‘19 and Jeanne Zeek

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