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Law April 18, 2019
History-Making Ohio Supreme Court Justice to Speak at Law School Graduation
Justice Melody Stewart was the first African-American woman elected to Ohio’s Supreme Court.
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Law April 10, 2019
An Appealing Experience
Two University of Dayton School of Law students got to see firsthand the pressure and preparation that goes into arguing a case before an appeals court.
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Law March 12, 2019
Where a Law Degree Can Take You
A look at how the law can take you to places beyond just a courtroom.
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Law March 04, 2019
A 'Novel' Way Of Studying For The Bar
Evan Law '09 writes novels designed to help students prepare for the Bar Exam.
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Law February 28, 2019
University of Dayton School of Law Launches New Certificate in Social Justice Law for LL.M., M.S.L. Programs
The certificate is designed to prepare graduates for roles as advocates for social justice in nonprofit, government and private settings.  
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Law February 27, 2019
University of Dayton School of Law among Best Schools for Legal Technology
The National Jurist ranked the University of Dayton School of Law 16th in the country when it comes to legal technology.
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Law February 25, 2019
Finding The Right Path
A look at the experience that could forever change your career in the law.
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Law January 31, 2019
Fulfilling Her Dream
How the 2-Year J.D. program helped a student move on from one of the biggest challenges of her life.
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Law January 28, 2019
Setting The Stage For Success
How Anna Glass '99 is using her law degree to pursue her passion for dance.
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Law December 12, 2018
Law School In Memoriam 2018
Remembering the University of Dayton School of Law alumni who passed away in 2018.
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