Tuesday July 18, 2017

New Level of Play!

By Karen Updyke, School of Engineering

Megan and Tim Reissman, mechanical engineering assistant professors, worked with Go Baby Go! at Northwestern before joining the University of Dayton and spearheading the Dayton Go Baby Go! impact. Now, we have a video of the Go Baby Go! Dayton event and effect.

Go Baby Go! retrofits electric toy cars for toddlers with mobility issues who wouldn’t normally be able to use them. UD faculty and students teamed up with the Miami Valley Spina Bifida Organization and Dayton Children’s Hospital to bring the event to Dayton and modify toy cars with push-button controls, headrests and more.

According to Tim Reissman, "Megan and I wanted to share with you a recent video that we organized at Dayton Children's Hospital. The event (called Go Baby Go!) modified electric toy cars for children with lower limb disabilities. . . . We were able to retrofit / give 6 modified cars to families."

"If interested in watching the video link below, notice that you may recognize some folks! You will see me at the beginning, Allison [Kinney] at 0:34, and Megan [Reissman] at 1:03. Additionally, you will see some of our MEE students from 0:29-0:47," said Reissman.

"Megan and I are looking to make this an annual event, so feel free to pass along the word to families in need and / or to anyone that may be able to help sponsor a future event," said Reissman.

Watch the video below from the Dayton Children's Hospital event.

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