Tuesday December 13, 2016

A Successful and Meaningful Posada

By Michele Devitt, Curatorial Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator

Las Posadas is the Spanish word for Inn or hotel. On a blustery Sunday in Dayton, three tweens dressed as Joseph, Mary and a sweet angel, led a procession of 80 people through Mt. St. John. The procession led to several buildings or "inns" where there was a reenactment of Joseph and Mary pleading for shelter. When they were refused the group processed to four other buildings where Nativities from the Marian Library were exhibited. At these stops we warmed up and enjoyed traditional Posada music. The final stop was at Bergamo Retreat Center where warm atole, a Mexican milk and cinnamon drink, tamales and churros were enjoyed. A piñata and papel picado (paper cutting) activities, music, and fellowship ended the event on a warm note!

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