???????? -- 2017 ??? (Chinese Marian Features for June 2017)

The Intention of the Marian Library

That Mary, mother of widows and orphans, may be a beacon of reconciliation and peace.
願聖母瑪利亞, 孤兒寡婦的母親,成爲引導我們走向和解與平安的明燈.

The Intention of Pope Francis

That national leaders may firmly commit themselves to ending the arms trade, which victimizes so many innocent people.

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?Illuminating a Treasure?: Marian Library earns ALA accolade

A brochure about the Marian Library has been selected for a national award from the American Library Association?s Library Leadership and Management Association.

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Fatima: 100 Years

Now through August 20, 2017 visitors are encouraged to view the Marian Library?s exhibit on the second floor of Roesch Library.

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