Host a Visiting Scholar (Part 1)

Have you ever thought about hosting a visiting scholar for your department? Are you working on a project, and could benefit from inviting an international researcher to join your team? The University of Dayton encourages you to consider this opportunity.  

Visiting scholars are invited by host departments at the University of Dayton to engage in collaborative academic projects. These projects can include teaching, lecturing, observing, consulting in connection with a research project, departmental research, teacher/researcher training, or demonstrating specific skills. Generally, visiting scholars are professors, research scholars, specialists, or other individuals with similar education or accomplishments in their home country. Graduate students engaged in dissertation research are also eligible to participate as visiting scholars.

The International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) Office is here to assist you throughout the hosting process. In partnership with Human Resources and the Office of the Provost, ISSS has established a formal procedure for all arrangements to sponsor and host international visiting scholars. ISSS will guide you through this process, which streamlines the steps for faculty hosts and ensures a smooth transition for our guests.

An additional benefit of the visiting scholars program is its focus on personal diplomacy and cultural exchange. As hosts, we encourage visiting scholars to get connected with our community, both on and off campus. The ISSS office provides a general orientation for visiting scholars that includes essential immigration requirements, campus resources and policies, and information about the Dayton community at large. We also work to integrate visiting scholars into campus life, inviting them to participate in learning and teaching trainings, language conversation exchanges, and campus traditions, like sporting events and cultural festivals.

Visiting Scholars can come for various periods of time, some as short as a few days or weeks, others for years at a time. Since 2003, UD has hosted over 200 visiting scholars in a diverse range of fields of study, such as electro-optics, theology, art and design, financial mathematics and more.

If you are interested in hosting a visiting scholar, contact the ISSS office at isss@udayton.edu for more information. And look for Part 2 in the coming weeks for more insights on the visiting scholar experience.
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