Banned Books Week

Almost eight years ago I was sitting in my seventh grade English class reading a book during our free reading time when my principal walked into the room. She explained that it was up to the school to decide what was appropriate for students to read. She walked around the room, approving and disapproving books my classmates and I were reading. My book was deemed inappropriate, and I was instantly afraid I had done something wrong. After walking around the room, she quickly informed us that this had been a demonstration. I was relieved when she told us our school would never censor what students read.

Now a junior in college, I find myself with that same freedom here at the University of Dayton. Frequently challenged books such as the Harry Potter series, Catcher in the Rye, and The Kite Runner have played a large role in shaping the world of literature and have encouraged children and adults alike to read. However, for various reasons such as sexual content, offensive language, and violence, these books have been challenged or taken out of school libraries completely. Banned Books Week, which runs from September 22nd to the 28th, celebrates our freedom to access any books we wish and serves as a reminder that we must preserve our right to read.

Learn how you can celebrate your intellectual freedom by visiting The American Library Association’s website at Remember to show your support by signing your name under the popular banned books you’ve read on the 1st floor display in Roesch Library!

- Taylor Nocera '15, Libraries Marketing and Events Intern

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