The Virtual Comment Card

Go back ten years to 2003, maybe to Roesch Library or a restaurant on Brown Street. You would probably find some cards next to a box labeled “comments” or “suggestions,” where visitors could make their opinions known about the product or service they had received. However, with the development of social media platforms, the old paper comment card has gone viral. I’ve seen this first hand during my Twitter tracking project for Roesch Library. When someone has something to say about Roesch they can mention us directly @RoeschLibrary or use the exceedingly popular hashtag, #clubroesch. The tweets range from useful suggestions (“I think there should be dry erase boards in the study rooms!), to positive comments (“Loving #clubroesch’s new look!”), to some pretty unrealistic (but entertaining!) proposals (“How about we turn 7th floor into something useful, like a puppy palace?). Regardless of the purpose, every mention is a way for Roesch to improve. So be sure to tweet us with any comments or suggestions…we’re listening!

- Taylor Nocera '15, Libraries Marketing and Events Intern

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