Found it in the Archives: Flowers from Fish (!?)

As an archivist, there is always an element of mystery when processing a new collection. Sometimes you never know exactly what you will find. While processing a recent acquisition of personal papers, I stumbled across this unusual article: Flowers from Fish. It literally instructs how to make ‘artificial flowers’ out of a fish! From the article:

If you think there’s something fishy about the artificial flowers created by Mrs. Mildred Gray of Long Island City, N.Y., you’re right. Her hobby is putting together colorful corsages and table arrangements in which the flower petals are made from fish scales.

Next time you are having fish for supper, consider that stunning corsage or table arrangement you could make. I’ll even give you a hint: Mrs. Gray prefers Snapper.

-Jillian Slater, Librarian/Archivist

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