On Display: Editions of Don Quixote

This year marks the 400th anniversary of Miguel de Cervantes’ classic tale, and the University is celebrating the occasion with several programs.

Published in two volumes ten years apart (1605 and 1615), Don Quixote is one of the most influential novels written. As a result, it has been released in dozens of editions (and languages) over the centuries, often with engaging illustrations. A selection of some of these, including a number of rare and illustrated editions, will be on view in the gallery.

This exhibit is free and open to the public. Open during library hours. Part of the University of Dayton's Don Quixote series. See more information on Rights. Rites. Writes. and ArtsLIVE

Image: Don Quixote by Edy Legrand (1892-1970), illustration from the 1951 Heritage Press edition.

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