Monday August 10, 2015

Our Chapel

At its centennial celebration in 1969, Brother Elmer Lackner stated, “Through the years the University Chapel has served as the source of inspiration, courage and guidance so necessary in the conduct of an educational and religious institution.” Now, as the University celebrates the renovation and rededication of the Immaculate Conception Chapel, these words resonate as clearly today as they did then, nearly 50 years after that celebration.

When the chapel was consecrated and dedicated in June of 1869, Dayton had nearly 30,000 citizens and the campus community had just over 200 enrolled students. Over the next three decades, the chapel would see the addition of electric lighting and heating and the installation of Stations of the Cross. A new communion rail and four confessionals were added in the early part of the 20th century.

While the chapel has undergone renovations and repairs throughout the years, this recent undertaking has encouraged the UD community to look at their faith in a deeper context, has respected the architectural heritage of the original chapel and will serve the campus community for generations to come.

- Kristina Klepacz, Assistant University Archivist

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