Wednesday December 9, 2015

Graduating Seniors: Hard to Say Goodbye

The Research Department staff in Roesch Library is saying congratulations and goodbye to two library student employees, Tess Bender and Joseph Makielski.  They are graduating in December and we will miss them.  We asked them to share their future plans and what they liked best about working at Roesch Library.

Tess Bender, Fine Arts major:  “After I graduate, I am planning on getting my substitute teacher license while looking for a full time job in the art field or at a library. I am also looking for freelance illustration jobs. I loved working at Roesch Library because it was quiet and I got to meet so many amazing people!”

Joseph Makielski, Political Science major & Psychology minor:  “After graduation I'll be moving out west to either Colorado or California to pursue a career in state or local government. I think that working at Roesch Library really defines the phrase student-worker.  This job has provided me invaluable knowledge and access to resources that have been essential to my success as a student and will greatly benefit me in my years after UD.”

- Heidi Gauder, Coordinator of Research & Instruction


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