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Faith/Mission February 25, 2019
Become a RCIA Prayer Partner!
In RCIA, it is important for the whole community to be an active, engaged part of the process.
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Campus and Community February 19, 2019
True Beauty

After the first weeks in Kentucky when the strangers I came with started to become friends, I realized the true beauty of Salyersville was in the people who lived there.

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Faith/Mission February 12, 2019
Call To Love
When our churches, homes, schools, communities, and nation focus more on how to erect walls of division, rather than bridges of connection and opportunity, we need a song.
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Faith/Mission February 05, 2019
Four Chaplains' Day
President Truman said their sacrifices “teach Americans that as men can die heroically as brothers so should they live together in mutual faith and goodwill.”
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Faith/Mission January 23, 2019
A Call to Shape the Future: Building a Place For ALL
"Let us be inspired by this cloud of witnesses and have the courage to follow our own call to help build a better world that respects all people."
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Faith/Mission December 10, 2018
An Honest Letter to the Season of Advent

Dearest Advent, 

It’s wonderful to see you again and welcome you to the forefront of my attention.

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Faith/Mission December 06, 2018
Lighting Our Candles Together
There are few things that are truly universal for all religions and cultures, but one practice I find almost everywhere is the act of lighting a candle in the darkness.
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Faith/Mission November 19, 2018
Happy Thanksgiving!
There are many ways different cultures and religions set aside time for giving thanks.
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Faith/Mission November 12, 2018
Metanoia is a powerful experience for anyone wanting to have a change of heart.
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Faith/Mission November 05, 2018
Marianist Mindfulness
January 6-11 (the last week of Christmas Break), Campus Ministry is offering a new, 5-day guided retreat that will provide an opportunity for students to journey with their peers and explore this concept of Marianist Mindfulness in their lives.
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