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Sustainability October 26, 2018
Lessons and Connections from AASHE 2018
If we come together as a university, such a daunting task will become far more attainable. I am excited to bring what I have learned back to campus with me, and I am interested to see what the future of sustainability at UD holds.
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Sustainability March 02, 2018
A Tale of Two Compost Bins
How Facilities Management, Dining Services, and the Hanley Sustainability Institute work together to turn food waste into soil.
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Sustainability December 22, 2017
Looking Back
My position as sustainability education student leader has changed the course of my career path, instilled a passion in me for environmental education, and reminds me daily what I feel called to do.
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Sustainability November 21, 2017
Time to Get to Work
Do you consider yourself a tree hugger, environmentalist, or nature-lover? Or are you a scientist, educator, or energy engineer? Or do you believe in a responsibility to care for our common home, or even just appreciate clean air and water? If you answered yes to any of the above, chances are it?s been a frustrating, depressing, or confusing past few months.
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Sustainability April 19, 2017
Working to Better My Piece of the World
Since I started at UD, I determined that my passion and my future definitely lie in sustainability. At first I felt I couldn't really do much until I graduated with my degree and went out into the "real world." However, I didn't want to let that passion fade and I realized there was an impact I could be having even as an undergrad, by working with HSI on campus.
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Sustainability April 11, 2017
Sustainable Community
After a semester abroad in Iceland focusing on climate change in the Arctic, I returned to campus energized with a desire to enhance the University?s sustainability. I began working on a project to track campus transportation and travel.
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Sustainability April 05, 2017
Networking our Future
We talk a lot about how we think UD perceives sustainability, but we do not have any concrete data to support our claims. So I worked with HSI's Post-Doctoral fellow, Dr. Felix Fernando, to create this survey. We?re hoping to use the results from this survey to advance HSI's efforts in the future.
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Sustainability March 14, 2017
Creating Awareness
Student Leader Blogs: Ray Mahar talks about creating sustainable awareness through digital media.
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Sustainability October 07, 2016
Celebrating Sustainability
The University of Dayton will continue working toward a more sustainable world with a week of free, public activities Oct. 15-22 to tout green living.
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Sustainability September 26, 2016
Sun-burnt and Smiling: Thoughts from Bolivia, Week Two
Where has this week's adventure led grad student Chris Wagner? Find out about his trip to Torotoro.
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