About the Program

About the Program

Welcome to UD's MBA program — the smartest career investment you can make. UD infuses the best in business practices with integrated team-taught core classes led by nationally respected faculty and executives-in-residence. Get your advanced business education guided by priceless real-life wisdom and expertise. It doesn't get any better. Just ask an alumni from our program — there are now over 7,000 worldwide.

A University of Dayton MBA is a complete educational experience designed to enhance your career advancement potential. Innovative team-teaching methods and multi-faceted core courses give you a proven, cross-functional approach to business problem solving in addition to a comprehensive understanding of theory and practice.

In the UD MBA program, you experience a carefully crafted curriculum designed around four principles essential for developing superior professionals: integrated learning, theory and practice, leadership, and integrity.

We take an advanced, connected approach to the business disciplines, blending ideas, techniques and practices from across the business spectrum into each course. Classes are infused with the expertise of executives-in-residence who bring their insights and wisdom to you. We incorporate perspectives from the humanities to the sciences to enhance your professional understanding.

At UD, you are challenged to put your thoughts and ideas to work. Our capstone courses engage you with hands-on strategy building and direct collaboration with leaders in business theory and practice. Throughout the program, we underscore commitment, courage and honesty as you develop your skills as a leader with integrity.

In all parts of UD's MBA program, you will benefit from business community partnerships, study abroad programs, excellent networking, and a diverse student population that will challenge your thinking while you develop critical leadership skills.

Take advantage of our distinguished, flexible program. The UD MBA was designed for the best in business to become even better. It was designed for your success.


MBA Program

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MBA Program