MBA Program

At the University of Dayton, we know your education and career are important. Our on-campus MBA program fits your needs if you prefer the in-person classroom experience. Evening classes offer flexibility for working professionals. 

The University of Dayton MBA—designed for the best in business to become even better.


"I particularly value the integrated curriculum, executives-in-residence, cutting-edge classes and emphasis on teamwork." Gail Frantz, Sales Manager, GE Capital Sales Finance.

"An amazing opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of professionals and develop innovative solutions for our client." David Bowman, President, The Ohlmann Group

"The program is as close to real-world business as you'll get. From students with various backgrounds and all ages...this program teaches you how to think and act strategically in an organizational setting." Carey Walley, Owner, Century 21 Master Key Realty

"My initial reaction to getting an MBA was 'it's just a piece of paper.'  I wanted to just have the title and career advancement possibilities that come with it.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  I've learned a lot of highly valuable information.  I recently designed, launched, and brought a small product to market.  Getting my MBA has given me a very clear picture of how a corporation is run and the confidence on how to navigate it." Curtis J. Maggard, Research Solution Consultant, Elsevier

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MBA Program

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