New Horizons Music Program

New Horizons Music Program

We believe it's never too late to start.

The UD New Horizons Music program gives adults, 50 and over, the opportunity to begin a musical instrument, or a "re-entry" point for those who have been away from active music making for many years. Playing in the New Horizons Music Program offers many benefits:

  • instruction in a relaxed, non-threatening and enjoyable atmosphere
  • socializing opportunities in local activities and the national program
  • meet new friends
  • have events to look forward to
  • become an important part of a group
  • experience profound and serious thought
  • experience the joyful moments music brings
  • makes connections to the past, present and future
  • gain association to other individuals and other cultures
  • health benefits -- finger, hand, and arm movements, breathing, rhythmic feeling, utilization of both sides of the brain, and strengthening of facial muscles


NHM is a unique program because it emphasizes the learning (or re-learning) of active music making for many who want to try something new or begin polishing skills that might be a bit rusty. We emphasize:

  • learning to play with a good tone and the fundamentals
  • playing by ear before reading music
  • developing a solid sense of ensemble rhythmic feeling

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When you belong to NHM, you not only belong to our University of Dayton program, but you are also a part of an international organization. There are over 230 New Horizon Music programs throughout the United States, Canada, and beyond. Each year there are opportunities to attend New Horizons Music Camps throughout the US and abroad. Check this website for additional information:

Give to UD NHMP

UD New Horizons Music Program has a growing endowment for sustaining and cultivating the program. Please consider a tax-deductible contribution to help us achieve our goal. 

Directions for contributing:

  1. Go to the UD donations website.
  2. In the list of Funds, click on “other” and type “New Horizons Music Endowment.”

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UD NHMP Director

University of Dayton NHMP is directed by Dr. Linda Hartley, Professor of Music and Associate Dean in the School of Education and Health Sciences.


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