Making Your Financial Commitment Worth It

There is no doubt that law school is a commitment, personally as well as financially. But without committed people, the world would not have advocates to fight for justice and equality.

Our Two-Year J.D. Program enables you to obtain your law degree in two calendar years, saving one year of borrowing for living expenses. The School of Law offers scholarships based on merit, personal background and social justice involvement. You will also enjoy a low cost of living in the vibrant Dayton region.

No matter if you start in the summer or the fall, or choose our two-year or traditional three-year option, the value of a University of Dayton School of Law degree is apparent through our programs, curriculum, supportive alumni network and dedicated faculty.

In an effort to encourage you to devote your full attention to the rigors of the first year of law school, UDSL policy prohibits employment during the first year (with the exception of holiday and summer breaks). After your first year, you may pursue part-time employment to help with tuition and other costs.

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