Attendant Care Guidelines and Processes

Before a prospective student with personal care needs enrolls at University of Dayton, the student is encouraged to meet with the OLR to discuss attendant care process. A student should not underestimate his/her abilities or potential; neither should he/she fail to honestly identify those routines and activities that do need assistance.  OLR may provide some suggestions on resources for prospective attendants, but the responsibility for the hiring of an attendant is that of the student. 

University of Dayton does not provide any aspect of attendant care or service of a personal or medical nature.  University of Dayton is not responsible for any aspect of transporting students from one location to another inside or outside the building, for feeding or toileting student, or for serving as caregivers or monitors in the absence of professional attendant care.

Requirements for Attendant Care at UD

You must have your attendant care arranged prior to moving into university housing.  It is strongly recommended that the student advise attendant care persons that the offer of employment is contingent on completion of a favorable criminal background check. 

The University of Dayton requires ALL attendant care persons, including emergency coverage persons, who work on campus, to adhere to the University of Dayton’s process regarding verification of favorable criminal background check.  Favorable Criminal Background Verification must be received and processed prior to attendant care persons coming on campus.  Written verification will be provided to the student by University of Dayton’s Office of Human Resources regarding the status of the criminal background check.  Specific questions should be directed to the Office of Human Resources at 937-229-2541.  For individuals who need to secure a criminal background check, resources are available at

Attendants must wear appropriate identification at all times. It is important for the student to work with the University of Dayton Residence Life Office, Office of Learning Resources and Public Safety regarding attendant access to University Property.  Depending on the specific attendant care needs, the attendant/agency may be issued a key card and/or room key for direct access or the attendant/agency may need to check in at a pre-designated location at the residence hall to secure a key card/room key (key card and room keys must be returned after each use if securing from the designated location).  Attendant may also have restrictions on locations they can be when not in the presence of the student for whom they are working e.g., breaks that occur during overnight access may be restricted to designated areas.

Parking and Attendant Care at UD

Regarding parking, University of Dayton Parking policy states “Visits extending beyond two consecutive weeks or for more than three times per month require the purchase of a permit.”  The student is responsible for addressing parking permit requirements.  You may contact Parking at 937-229-2128 or view their information on their website:  Attendants should follow University of Dayton process for lost/forgotten parking permits e.g., check with Public Safety or Parking Services.