Computer Science

Master of Computer Science

The student seeking admission should have a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution of higher education with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 out of 4.0. For success in the program the student should have the equivalent of at least one year of college mathematics which is normally calculus. A few of the graduate courses, in addition to the calculus, cover topics such as linear algebra, statistics, and discrete mathematics as prerequisites.

Students are expected to have a better than average knowledge of algorithm construction and implementation of algorithms in an object-oriented language. Students are encouraged to take CPS501 during their first term as a graduate student. This course counts towards the 30 graduate credit hours needed for the degree. They should discuss this with the Graduate Program Director prior to registering for any courses.

Graduate credit from other accredited institutions of graduate learning will be reviewed by the graduate committees. Transfer of such credit may be accepted up to a maximum of six semester hours.

The degree requires thirty semester hours, as follows:

  • Required Core Courses – nine semester hours as follows:
  • One course from either CPS 530 or CPS 543
  • One course from either CPS 536 or CPS 570
  • One course from either CPS 510 or CPS 542
  • CPS Electives – fifteen semester hours from CPS courses numbered 510 and above. Up to six of these semester hours can be 400-level CPS courses and must be approved by an advisor. Up to six of these semester hours can be taken from graduate courses of other university departments (with advisor approval).
  • Culminating Experience – six semester hours, from one of the following three options:
    - Master's Thesis
    - Software Engineering Project
    - Additional CPS courses numbered 510 and above

Each student's program requires the advance approval of a faculty advisor. A student failing to make normal progress will be required to withdraw from the program.

The Graduate Program in Computer Science at the University of Dayton provides many unique opportunities in which the student can gain academic excellence and achieve hands-on, practical experience.


Assistantships are offered to outstanding graduate students. For information on eligibility and the application process, consult with the chair or the faculty member you plan to assist.


Students at both undergraduate and graduate levels are always welcome to aid with faculty research. For details, please contact the faculty member whose research projects best fit your interest.


The University of Dayton provides a number of graduate student summer fellowships for research and creative projects during the third term of the academic year. The intent of the fellowship is to provide a modest income for the graduate student who wishes to devote time to a research project. This fellowship is intended to assist in the completion of the student's master's thesis or doctoral dissertation research, or research leading to publication.


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