Gartner Received 100,000 Applications Last Year - Here's Why They Hired More UD Students Than Any Other University

Gartner Inc. is the world's leading information technology research and advisory company.  The company has over 7,600 associates in 90 countries.  Gartner is also one of six large corporate members of the Business Sponsor Engagement Program at the University of Dayton's Fiore Talarico Center for Professional Selling.  The Center trains students in the skills necessary to develop sales management expertise in high-tech business-to-business transactions.  Students in the Marketing program can concentrate their studies in several courses in sales management and advanced selling.  The Center was established through a generous gift from entrepreneur Fiore Talarico, and is supported through six large corporate members of the Business Sponsor Engagement Program.

Dr. Riley Dugan and Center Director Tony Kristofik attended Gartner's recent "Professor Day" event in Fort Myers, Florida Wednesday, June 15 to Friday, June 17. Professors from sixteen university Gartner-partner sales programs attended this event.  Gartner hired twelve of UD sales students full-time this summer.  Along with seven returning seniors who started recently in Gartner's 10 week Summer Sales Internship Program, the University of Dayton Sales Program has the largest amount of combined new hires and interns of all the sixteen University Sales Programs that Gartner partners with.

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