Front and Center to Center Stage - the Path of Servant Leadership

She joins eight other executive officials responsible for identifying entrepreneurship opportunities, planning the division’s role in the annual meeting, and coordinating doctoral consortia, research activities and special events such as this year’s 30th anniversary of the ENT Division of AOM.

Sullivan sees her appointment as a prime opportunity to provide high-level support to AOM, recognized as the main scholarly outlet and support system for world-wide divisions devoted to management expertise. Beyond that, she says, “This appointment is a platform to broadcast and elevate the reputation of UD’s own nationally-ranked ENT program.  It also places the School of Business Administration, as well as the University as a whole, on an international stage that will provide visibility and enhance the University’s scholarly reputation. In 2016 our ENT program was ranked 15th in the nation by The Princeton Review, which also ranked us 4th in the nation as a ‘hands-on’ program.”

The AOM Executive Committee first contacted her about eight months ago, and knowing the huge commitment involved never detracted from her excitement at being honored with this appointment. “Our Executive Committee plans Annual Meeting events, which involves high-level coordination of themes, research topics, teaching-related concerns, and networking events.” And although Sullivan’s main tasks involve record keeping and document preparation for the Division, she admits, “I’m excited to be involved in helping to shape and execute the broader vision of this major scholarly organization.”  

Accounting for about 20% of 20,000 global members, the ENT Division is one of the fastest-growing AOM divisions and has been for the last decade. Having held several lower-profile positions supporting AOM committees in the past, Sullivan knows a lot about how much effort goes into achieving the goals of the Academy. The primary focal points of the executive leadership will continue to be research, teaching, and faculty development.

Since 2001, Diane Sullivan has attended fifteen AOM annual meetings, but she never thought she’d be center stage in front of the entire attending membership, being sworn into an executive officer role. Well, maybe she did! Having served on various committees in the SBA and across UD, led student experiential initiatives, as well as being an editorial assistant for the Academy of Management Journal and editorial board member for Journal of Small Business Management, Sullivan sees any opportunity for involvement as a way to expand one’s ability to practice servant leadership.

Sullivan’s 3-year term is open to reappointment when it expires.

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